Quick Solutions. Proven Reliability.
Improved Profitability.

CAEPIPE pipe stress analysis software gives
analysts exactly what they need to do their jobs
as effectively as possible.


Your industry's first "real world"
clash check software.

Helps avoid lost productivity due to shut down
and expensive post-commissioning repair costs.


Time-saving code-compliance
software. For designers!

Enables designers to self-check for basic
piping code compliance. Frees your engineers
for critical analysis.


Transfer entire piping systems
with a mere mouse-click.

Import from a wide range of plant design software
to convert to CAEPIPE, CAESAR-II or other.
Save time. Reduce errors. Increase productivity.


Design. Analysis. Translation.
And more.

A "one stop" resource to finish projects on time
at a fraction of typical price points.

Top Reasons Piping Engineers Pick  CAEPIPE

Created for Piping Industry
Mavericks Like You

CAEPIPE (kay·pipe) is the
ultimate tool for design and
analysis pros needing reliable
"get it done" software for the
everyday demands of a busy

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

CAEPIPE is a real workhorse with the industry's widest import capability, most user-friendly interface and a comprehensive list of technical features. Enjoy a practical work platform unencumbered by a hard-to-use interface, seldom used features or add-ons. Import from AutoCAD Plant 3D, PDMS, PDS/SmartPlant, Autoplant and others.

Developed for Engineers
...By Engineers

SST introduced CAEPIPE
30 years ago (first on PC)
and has continuously
improved it based on
user input and
ongoing experience.

Quick and Profitable

CAEPIPE is fast! Tight and
efficient computer coding,
features and optimized solution
algorithms help you quickly
solve problems and move on,
significantly increasing
your profitability.

CAEPIPE Viewer For Clients

Your clients will appreciate
CAEPIPE’s free downloadable
version which acts as a model
and results viewer too. It’s
the only software in the industry
with this added benefit!

Proven Reliability

This world-class software
continues to meet the stringent
requirements of demanding
engineers across all levels
in energy, process and
aerospace (ABB, BP, ConEd,
Exxon, Northrop, Swedish Inspecta
among many others).

Tremendous Value

Through its incredible
effect on your productivity,
lower capital cost and
a shorter learning curve,
CAEPIPE offers unrivaled
value for tough economic
times today and tomorrow.

Rapidly Create & Analyze Piping Systems of Any Complexity with the Least Effort

CAEPIPE (kay-pipe), the first pipe stress analysis software on PC (1983), continues to be the preferred tool for static and dynamic stress analysis of piping systems of any complexity in any industry.

With its world-acclaimed productivity-enhancing 3D modeler, CAEPIPE lets you analyze for the effects of weight, pressure, temperature, earthquake, time varying and harmonic loads, among others, and interactively and iteratively design your system for optimum configuration in the shortest time.

CAEPIPE also checks for piping code and guideline compliance (ASME, B31, International codes, API, NEMA) and can export data to select major plant design systems (AVEVA and CADMATIC currently). We offer many data translators to import piping data from many platforms.


Benefits of Doing Pipe Stress with CAEPIPE

  • Execute More Projects in the same time
  • Design Better Piping Systems, Faster
  • Quickest Return on Your Investment
  • Reduce Your Overall Cost
  • Make Your Job Easier

You will save time and money, and avoid frustration. You will save time when you use CAEPIPE's carefully designed features for rapid modeling, powerful analyses with quick solution times, and easy results review. You will avoid frustration when you work with the elegantly simple and intuitive user-interface to model or edit simple or complex piping problems. Additionally, you will benefit from being able to quickly evaluate alternate design solutions ("what-if" scenarios). Finally, you will save money because first, it costs less and second, you will see dramatically increased productivity. CAEPIPE pays for itself faster than others do, if at all.

See CAEPIPE's Unique Features and Benefits


Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

If your needs are like those of the mainstream analysts, and you are looking for a cost-effective, efficient, extremely easy to learn and use software that cuts your time required by up to 50%, download CAEPIPE and see for yourself what we mean.

But, if you need the following infrequently used features, then CAEPIPE is not for you.

• Multiple level response spectrum analysis
• Submerged piping
• WRC 107 stresses (planned to be included soon)

If you do not need the above, find out why more and more companies stuck with costly competing software (with costly capital costs, needlessly required training costs, and maintenance costs that run in the thousands of dollars every year) are switching to CAEPIPE. Download a free uncrippled, fully-featured copy that you can learn to use in 20 minutes or less.


Download CAEPIPE Specifications

See CAEPIPE's Unique Features and Benefits

Hardware Requirements: Simple; Any PC running 32/64-bit MS-Windows (Win NT 4.0 or later) will do.